Things You Need To Know About the Digital Marketing Industry

Digital marketing has been rapidly growing with more business owners opting for digital advertising and developing major online strategies to increase market visibility and profit share. Australia market has been perceived as one of the highest market for online marketing.

In a study from Signal, a cross-channel marketing technology leader, an Australian consumer spends a daily average of 163 minutes on the internet. As Australians utilizes their digital devices for shopping, E-commerce transactions have increased by 49% in 2015. With these massive prospects, Australian business owners have invested a great deal of money and effort for digital advertising in the hopes of reaching a wider scope of consumers (source

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Creative agencies in Australia are now developing catchy ads using social media channels as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn among others. Majority of consumers spend a great deal of time getting updates from these platforms. Email marketing, SEO and video advertising have also contributed to businesses in Australia to have that urgency to invest in digital marketing. There are a lot of highly reputable SEO agencies out there too; one of them is OMG SEO Sydney.

  • Digital marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing – it requires minimal resources and capital but able to capture the attention of a growing and lucrative online marketplace.
  • Digital marketing improves interaction with targeted audiences. Real time marketing for companies’ increases customer satisfaction and experience promotes precise marketing and personalized offers and increased customer retention.
  • Digital marketing generates higher return of marketing investments. Generating a steady flow of incoming traffic means higher number of leads which converts to a confirmed sale.
  • To attract prospective buyers, most website developers and online marketing analysts create innovative and clever ways to generate best results – this includes attractive text colors and fonts, animated graphics and proper positioning of the ad. A beautifully designed advertisement entices consumers to immediately take a favorable course of action.
  • Digital marketing lets business owner’s measure incoming traffic and sales faster. With better systems developed to access data conveniently, companies are able to monitor the progress or failure of an ongoing strategy and basically figure out the next steps.

2017 has seen so much creativity in website developments. There have been major digital trends to watch out for in the money-making Australian market.

  • Side project marketing – this is a smart way of creating an ad that offers new product or services (which is related to your business). Once a consumer sees the ad, this will create awareness and incoming traffic thus converting back their attention to the main product that your business is promoting.
  • Video and mobile marketing – with growing selections of smart phones, most consumer rely on their mobile devices for everything they need. Video advertising is growing very much as well, with large number of people opting for video materials where they can easily learn about something without having to read through a 20-page product description.
  • Email marketing – countdowns in emails have evolved recently. This kind of advertising creates a sense of urgency to a consumer and motivates them to take action generating higher sales.

Web designs have seen a lot of improvements and changes over the course of the years. Most companies create a system that is appealing and more convenient to use. For a business owner, investing in digital marketing makes your company more profitable and helps you grow your business.

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