Three Major Google Algorithm Updates Every Business Should Know

Search engine optimization is good. But, the fact is, not all SEO strategies are equally good as specific optimization methods take time to produce results, but effective in the long run while other strategies may work faster but potentially affect your site.

Many businesses consider SEO as ineffective. But, they fail to understand that search engines can differentiate the good sites from bad, especially Google is an expert in measuring a site’s worth. A few years before, none of us could have predicted all the possible methods to bring low-quality sites to the top of search results. But, today, Google deal with them through their algorithm updates. You would have heard about the silent workers who made it possible: Penguin, Panda, Pigeon and other.

If you have noticed a sudden drop in rankings, you might have been affected by any one of those. But, which one? It largely depends on what have you been doing with your webpage. Yes, not enough of something or too much of something affects your traffic and rankings. Now, let’s take a look at three major Google algorithm updates.

Google Panda 

Google Panda plays a significant role in Albuquerque SEO! It is an update introduced to prevent poor quality content from finding its way into the top ranking slots on search engines. This update evaluates webpages based on the quality of their content and is rewarded with higher ranking positions. Thin, poor-quality, untrustworthy content, duplicate text and article spinning triggers panda. If you are hit by Panda, improve your content’s quality. Get help from the Albuquerque SEO experts to regain your position.

Google Penguin 

It is similar to panda and sought to refine the algorithm by identifying the sites that learned to overcome panda. Penguin evaluates a site in a different factor like link profiles. Also, dubious links from unauthorized sources will negatively impact your rankings as penguins make sure of that. Low quality of links, buying links, lack of anchor text, and keyword stuffing will affect your site.

If the problem is backlinks, take them down through any means available. If you have messed up with the keywords, reduce their numbers until the text looks natural everywhere. Besides, penguin, over its different iterations between 2012 and 2016, become more proficient at identifying and penalizing these practices.

Google Rank Brain 

It is a significant component of Google’s algorithm that uses machine learning to identify the relevant results to search engines inquires. A query now goes through an interpretation model which can apply specific factors like the locations of the searcher, and the words of the query to identify a searcher’s real intent. By knowing the true purpose, Google now delivers more relevant results for its users.

Therefore, search terms alone no longer help determine what response you get from Google’s search. Signals such as user location, quality, and freshness of the content are taken into account to deliver the results that satisfy the query.

Today’s art of SEO Albuquerque is all about developing a user’s experience that is as human-friendly as possible. Work with the Albuquerque SEO Company to cope with the continually evolving Google’s algorithm.

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