Tips for Getting the Most from Your TV Box

Android TV Boxes are the new thing and they can give you the best smart TV experience that you can hope for. There are other companies that offer similar products, but nothing can beat Android when it comes to versatility and cost effectiveness.

Now this is something that is readily available at a China wholesale shop. Some of the branded gadgets can be quite expensive but there are no end of quality generic models to choose from. Considering the number of things that you can do with just one device, these TV boxes are well  worth the price with higher end ones coming preloaded with tons of apps and benefiting from a rage of extended features.


This is how you can get the most out of your Box:

  • Get the right apps to go with the TV box; get the essential apps like Skype, YouTube, Kodi, Google chrome etc. you can download the apps from the Google Play store.
  • Android boxes are a great option as downloading machines. The power requirements for this gizmo is minimal, and if you hook it up with an external hard drive then you can just queue up the things that you wish to download and leave it at that.
  • All games available at the Google play store are playable through android boxes. You just need a TV screen for display and a joystick or wireless controller. If you want to play console games then you have to download emulators like PlayStation emulator or Nintendo emulator. But keep in mind that they don’t have the power that a PC or a gaming console packs. Also if you’re looking for gaming models you will want to hit the higher end range of devices with 2GB or memory and a quality CPU and graphics unit.
  • You can turn your Android box into a full blown media centre which is easy to use and compact in design. You can load all your photos, videos, etc into a memory card or pen drive and connect it to the box. You can download a media center app like Kodi and use it for playback of your home media.

Android TV Boxes are a really good option if you want to enjoy all the features of a smart TV without investing on one. But beware of knockoffs sold in wholesale electronics stores, it’s better to spend a few extra dollars and buying a good device.

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