Tips for using a Mac download management tool

Download managers have now become the most useful tools to the regular computer users. These software systems do something more than allowing faster downloading. Each of these has distinctive features to help you in controlling the downloaded files in a computer. If you are a Mac computer user, you may use Folx for quick downloading.

How to use the software for different purposes

Folx is a file downloader for Mac with a friendly interface. However, this UI has similarity to other Mac software systems, used to download online files. At the right side of the UI, you may find those files, which you are presently downloading. You can also get important information during this downloading process. And on the left-hand side, there are options for tagging. With this software, you can do different things

  • Pause the downloading process, resume it and also choose the files that are to be downloaded
  • If needed, set the time by using its settings so that you may download your files at the most convenient moment
  • Use the file ordering system to have a control over the number of downloads. While there are fifty chosen files, you may inform the software for downloading only some of them. It helps you in avoiding the issue of slow downloading speed.
  • Split all the downloaded files and documents into various threads. The app begins every downloading process from one of the points of a file. With gradual progress, it creates that file.
  • With the help of the app, rename all your files prior to downloading them. You will have no problem at the time of downloading any documents or files. There is also no issue of recognizing the file content from the abbreviated name. Though this is not the major feature of the software, most of the users can get an advantage.

Using Torrents while running the app

As a file downloading technique, Torrents have become very common to the users. No matter how you like to take advantage of these torrents, an excellent downloader is always essential for the management of the process. Thus, it will be easy for you to apply tags and many other processes of download. In fact, torrents allow a very fast downloading process.

To know about the latest version of the fast file downloader, you may visit the site. But, if you have already such manager, you should deactivate it before installing Folx.

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