Tips to write an English literature assignment

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Writing English literature is made to look a very tough thing, but if they can be handled with care, the task can look much easier. A good stock of thesaurus is essential for handling those and along with that just take care of a few other things. Here are some of the guidelines that will act perfectly for you. Just get through those and apply the same in your assignment.

Get directed by the moral of the story

Consider the poem or the prose, on which you are working with maximum care. Make clear one thing in your mind – the entire assignment is based on your understanding of the prose or poem. For example, if you are onto prose like the wasteland, get to know the writer’s intention on the entire work. The writer of the waste land had to go through hardships for him to win a tough game. After winning the game he continues encouraging his colleagues to press on as it was not the last part of live, other tough games were waiting for them ahead. So, the moral of the story is to remain focused at all the things, unless the entire work is done.

If all the assignments based on this poem are done, by keeping an eye on the above stated moral, then your assignment will be well directed towards the objective. This is a key aspect you must keep with you while dealing with English literature assignments. If you can do that, your assignment task will never be a boring one and never lose its focus.

Direct your assignment towards the intention of the author

Many times, assignments are done by simply keeping an eye at the word counts and most of the time, you would like to end up by narrating the stories. Just ask your mind one thing – if the story is to be read, why will the readers follow your work and not the original poem or prose? Take things easy and apply your common sense. Your assignment is to extract the intention of the author, who wrote the prose or poem. After extracting that, nourish the same with logic and present-day world happenings.

For example, according to the writer of the rime of the ancient mariner, the narrator had a marriage with a good spouse that he had longed for. He enjoyed it because all the miseries were long gone. Even though this dream seemed invisible even with the challenges that he went through at the end of it all it succeeded. The things that you are supposed to own will definitely be yours a matter of time and challenges being kept constant.

Concentrate on vocabulary and grammar

Grammar and Vocabulary outline your entire assignment. Not only for English literature assignments, but this is a key aspect for all types of assignment writing. A good stock of thesaurus will help you a lot in this aspect. Applying stock of words will never make your assignment look boring and perfect vocabulary will create a balance among the writing style and the content in it. So, never allow any mistakes in grammar and vocabulary, by any means.

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