Top 5 Reasons of Getting 504 Gateway Error

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Errors are the problems inseparable from web world. When you use internet, you are actually downloading information in the form of web pages from a nearby server. Lots of errors can occur if the server is busy, or there is connection lapse between the source, server and the end user. Some of the problems or errors are related to designing and development of web pages too. One such error is 504 gateway error. Let’s find out why it occurs.

Important reasons for 504 gateway error

To make the concept simpler to layman, 504 gateway error is caused when the server is using Apache at the backend and Nginx at the front end. In some cases, in the hope to achieve a fast user experience, the client request received is sent directly to Nginx instead of Apache. And this is when the problem arises, especially in the condition when web server is slow. The server instead of sending the requested information generates and sends 504 gateway timeout as error. This happens because:

  1. Error in browser configurations: The browser’s shortcomings arising due to erroneous settings generate 504 Gateway error.
  2. Erroneous firewall configurations: If there are errors in configurations of firewalls, the user receives 504 gateway error
  3. Error in DNS access: DNS configurations, if erroneously made, may lead to miscommunication between user and server causing 504 gateway error.
  4. Network problems: If the network configurations or network reach is a problematic issue, it can result in this gateway error.
  5. Slow server: If due to any reason the server is overloaded and is under stress, it tends to slow down. The slow server can also cause this timeout error

Thus, these are a few reasons that cause this error message. Shifting to another browser available and rechecking of the connections etc can help solving this error.

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