Top 5 sites for direct movie downloads 2018

Have a look at the top five websites for immediate download of films, collection, MP3s, games and applications employed by hackers. Immediate download or DDL isn’t controlled by Hadoop, and that’s exactly why a lot of hackers still use it to obtain copyrighted content. Also on those websites are hyperlinks to articles without any rights but in smaller amounts.

This informative article describes platforms that provide the downloading of content that is legal in addition to articles protected by copyright. Be aware that the downloading of copyrighted material is illegal by legislation, even with regard to private copying in the event the origin isn’t legal. We therefore reduce any responsibility for its usage you could use of these processes presented here. You always have to ensure the job you download will be without any consent, otherwise you need to turn into the authorized deal made available for you.


Reminder on download methods

There Are 3 good ways to get pictures, series, MP3s.

  1. The Peer To Peer (P2P / Torrent)

This Protocol is based on the principle of sharing. The renowned Torrent is a P2P solution. To download free movies online , you have to discuss your downloads. This downloading way is tracked in France from the government via the Hadoop commission. The user is penalized in the event of downloading a material protected by numerous emails then a piece of their ADSL access. But this observation doesn’t stop hackers who have a very easy trick to get P2P without any danger: The use of a VPN. The VPN is a little pay support, but very affordable, which allows downloading in a completely anonymous manner. We can quote NordVPN, among the excellent pioneer, recommended by Torrent Freak, optimized for downloading.

  1. Newsgroups

Download Content by Newsgroups is somewhat outdated. However, this popular strategy ten decades ago was quite secure and efficient. To download in Newsgroup you want a paid subscription to a Newsgroups server. The principle is to download on your own computer fragments of the wanted content by hunting in the many groups proposed. Then a computer software could re-assemble the bits and voila.


  1. Immediate download [Method presented In this article]

The Latter method is to download straight to a host specializing in data storage. The immediate download is completed in HTTP, the identical protocol as for consulting Web pages. It is not commanded by Hadoop when downloads have been created to servers located abroad. Since Hadoop does not have jurisdiction over these servers. Hadoop can’t recover the IP address related to the content that is downloaded. This process is thus widely used by pirates in grass because it is both easy and perfectly secure.

The Hosts, though many and pay, allow virtually all to download for free with some limitations (number of downloads, quantity of data downloaded per day and download rate). The most popular are Uploaded or even Up tobox.

Some Hackers make direct download on Free or 1File servers while the servers can be found in France and consequently possibly monitored by Hadoop. To safeguard their connection, they do like P2P / Torrent, they just activate before a VPN like ExpressVPN / PureVPN or even NordVPN. They establish the VPN, link with a VPN server situated overseas, and become entirely invisible to the eyes of their Hadoop commission. They could then download their picture quietly and with impunity.

The Hosts are happy to host. They don’t mention what they are hosting. To discover media to get from the hosts you just find a website referencing links to these hosts, so this is the objective of this guide, with a bonus demonstration for you to comprehend. I remind you all this can be illegal, it is only for informational purposes.

But All this doesn’t let you know how do pirates to get free pictures, it comes.


The 5 best direct download sites 2018

Here Is the variety of the very best direct download websites. These are definitely the most well-known websites, pleasured by hackers to blossoms to get almost anything.

  1. Download zone

Despite Its routine anxieties with justice Zone Download remains alive and is still one of the most well-known websites in France to get a film or show. It dethrones all of its rivals from a space. You may find 90 percent of your favorite content.


This Blog references hyperlinks Bit Torrent(use a VPN to get a picture in Torrent permits to not be captured by Hadoop) but additionally direct download hyperlinks and hyperlinks Streaming. By clicking the heading Immediate Download we detect a lot of articles to download.

  1. Phoenix Warez

This Board was created in June 2016 subsequent rumors of closing ofWawa-Mania. Well Wawa-Mania eventually closed October. Phoenix-Warez’s amazing victory, which reached 30,000 members. To prevent overloading the forum administrators have opted to block registrations. I’m one of those lucky ones enrolled. Cool.

  1. Z.Telechargement

A Download Zone Album that began to find content when ZT undergone a discount on November 28 and 29, 2016. But because the Download Zone is back, the prevalence is reduced.

  1. Download Films

The Site is very awful, however there are lots of films, documentaries and shows for online movie stream.


The sites Down

Wawa-Mania: It is a website where registration (free) is mandatory. The advantage of this forum is that it’s the users who accentuate it with content and replace the dead links using valid links. Wawa-Mania is a reference of its kind and you’ll surely find your happiness in movies, music and eBooks. It replaces perfectly Down Paradise and can be in my view certainly the very best current download site.

NEWS OF 10/10/2016: Technical Collapse since early October, expect this is not anything else…

Ground Series: This website specializes in string. Registration, which isn’t mandatory, offers a few more choices, such as the range of several links at precisely the same moment.

Of Planet Series has been arrested in Marseille. At his exit he immediately stopped the website awaiting leniency of the quote during his future trial. It must be noted that he faces five years in prison and 500,000 euros in penalties. Not to mention the damages of those majors who will bill him as they bill the price of the daubes they sell us at the industry.


Down Paradise: It is a website where enrollment is required. Moderation is rigorous quality is in the rendezvous! The site system significantly reduces the amount of dead links and increases the dynamism of the content. When a content is valued, make a comment to place it back into your mind. The various segments are constantly moving to give simply the best. Only downside, the discussion, victim of its achievement is sometimes down… wait for a few hours and retry your chance you will not be sorry.

NEWS OF 29/11/2014: Down Paradise is Currently unavailable. It seems that one of the animators has some issues with the justice so that the business owns domain name to produce inaccessible accessibility to the site. It smells like the tree for Down Paradise, which knew lots of financial problems. I leave it at the positions… for the second because if it yields it stays a superb site of download.

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