Transferring of files made easy between Android and Mac with SyncMate

It is a known fact that when it comes to transferring files from your Android to your Mac device, we all face great problems. This is mainly due to the fact, as Mac doesn’t provide you with the option of transferring your files from Mac to Android or from Android to Mac. Well, this is where the need for a third party application comes into the picture. Speaking of which, we have just the right application for you in line. In order to transfer your files from Android to Mac, you can make use of the app called SyncMate.

SyncMate, an app to transfer files Android Mac computer. If you have already used it, then you are familiar with its features. However, for the ones who are yet to use this amazing application should know that it is one of the most powerful tools that are available out there. With the help of this particular application, you can also synchronize all your data between both your devices.

How to connect your Android device with Mac using SyncMate?

Here is what you have to do in order to transfer files Android Mac:

  1. First, download the free version of Syncmate on your Mac device.
  2. After the installation, go to the “add new device option” and choose the Android device you would like to connect.
  3. You will be offered three different types of connection, including Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth. It is preferred that you should go for the USB connection, however, if you plan to opt for an air type connection, then you will have to download Syncmate module for your Android device from the Play Store.

By following the steps you can easily establish a connection between your Android and Mac device.

Steps to mount your Android as Mac OS disk

  1. After you have connected your Android device to Mac, navigate to the option Mount disk which you will find in the summary tab of the app. All you need to do is enable it and then you can find your Android folders in the Finder.

However, one thing that you need to know is that the Mount disk option is available only in the Syncmate expert edition. The Mount disk option will not only show your internal folders, but you can also gain access to any other external storage that is connected to your Android device as well.

So, instead of wasting your time frustrating yourself you should go get this amazing app download it on your Mac device.

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