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Converting PDF files to HTML files in Windows and Mac OS X is not an easy task since the programs incorporated in both operating systems do not offer this conversion. Thus, users will have to download a third-party PDF to HTML converters to complete this task. There is a lot of PDF to HTML converters present on the internet, but most of them either do not provide the promised result they are full of ads or malware. We have compiled a list of the best PDF to HTML converters for Windows and Mac, including PDF2TEXT, which will help you get the best results in the shortest time.

https://pdf2html.app is the best PDF to HTML converter that can convert your PDF to HTML. For starters, it is very easy to use and fast. The whole translation process is done in just a hardly any minutes. You have to do is choose the file you wish for to convert, select the output format and the output folder and your PDF will be converted to what you need.

HTML: Hypertext markup language

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HTML is a Web format file. You can change the HTML code in a text editor. HTML files are developed for future use in the web browser of users, which allows formatting of text, images and other materials needed places. File with this use of the tag format for building websites. The HTML code is analyzed by the web browser and usually is not visible to the user.

Convert PDF to DOC/DOCX. Convert PDF to HTML online. Take care of security – go to the safe and secure by PDF2HTML

If the conversion of your document to HTML has been correct, the result will be a ZIP archive.

  1. Unpack the archive and open the .html file in your web browser.
  2. When you consider the conversion efficiency to be satisfactory, open the .html file in any editor.
  3. Make corrections and save your changes.
  4. Open the .html file again in the browser and print to PDF (uncheck the printing of titles and dates in the headers and footers).

To print a document from your browser to PDF, you may need an additional tool called “PDF printer”.

As a rule, editing a PDF file is needed to make small changes on one or several pages. For the best results, follow the instructions by pdf2text. The procedure consists in modifying only those pages that require editing so that the remaining ones retain their original layout.

Remember, not all PDF documents can be converted to HTML form with 100% layout.

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