Web Hosting Mistakes

  1. Going for the cheapest price

Most web hosting companies offer big discounts (up to 50% OFF) for new customers. For example, certain packages are advertised as $0.99/mo for 1 year and then jump to a high renewal price.

Solution: Check the renewal price before signing up to a web hosting package

  1. Signing up to a Web Host that can’t handle your future Hosting demands 

Most users will start with a basic shared hosting plan. As your website hosting demands increase, some web host companies will not be able to handle the extra traffic, web space & technologies.Image result for Web Hosting Mistakes

Solution: Ensure your web hosting provider can scale with your potential future growth. Make sure your web host provider offers VPS, Cloud and Dedicated options.

  1. Putting all your website assets in one host

If you are managing several websites assets on one web host, you are at risk of major failure. When your web host suffers issues, all your websites could be offline.

Solution: Spread your different websites at different quality web hosting providers.

  1. Depending on the web host backups

Most top tier web hosting providers will include some backup service for your account. Yet, some web host will not include the latest version or charge to restore.

Solution: Even though your web host keeps backups of your website. Always keep your own backups.

  1. Trusting your web host to upgrade to the latest software 

Latest hosting technology is meant to improve your website security & performance. The Web host provider should upgrade to the latest technology upgrades in the market.

Solution: Check with your web hosting provider what versions they are running.

  1. Not Reading Hosting Reviews before

As with lots of products & services, we all go ahead and purchase without research thoroughly. With web hosting companies we tend to go for the big brands or whichever is listed on the first page of Google.

Solution: Before signing up, make you read expert and customer reviews on the web host. Comparethehosts.com is a good place to start.

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