Website Tips For Freelancers

Everyone knows only too well that if a business wants to survive (let alone thrive), it needs to boast an active online presence. This is even more important if you are working as a freelancer!

Here are some of the tips and steps that freelancers can follow to create a great website to promote their services.

Pick a layout

Before you can begin to design your website, you need to think about the visual structure of your website. What would you like to stand out? Luckily there are countless beautiful templates available online so you do not have to start completely from scratch. Even if you are not too keen on using a template, it is still a valuable exercise to look at a few to get your own creative juices flowing.

So, find out more about what makes a design attractive and the other principles of good website design.

Include all the necessary pages

Which content do you need to include on your website? What will be the best way to organise it? Your website should definitely have a home page and about page. Then, it should also have pages for your services, projects, testimonials and contact details. Blogs and FAQs are not must-have pages, but they are certainly highly recommended, especially a blog.

Include modern website design features

There are animation, hover effects and parallax scrolling to mention only a few modern features… So which ones will it be? However, the key is not to go overboard. You want to include only the features that will actually work for your website.

Identify the right tools

Freelancers are used to operating as a one-man band. Though, there are times that they can do with some assistance. Luckily there are useful tools that you can use that will help you to manage certain things more efficiently. For example, you get tools that will allow clients to book appointments online. Once they have booked online, there is also a tool that will send them a reminder via email automatically.

Pay attention to search engine optimisation (SEO)

The work that you have done so far will all be futile when your website fails to attract enough visitors. You will have to find a way to boost your SEO so that new clients will be able to find your website without any difficulty.

Though, SEO requires continuous attention! You will have to ensure that your website’s content remains new and that your details are up to date. Have you always wanted to start your own blog? Well, now you’ve got a real good reason! A blog is one of the best ways to add fresh content to your website.

Make sure that your website is responsive

Close to 80% of Internet users use their mobile devices to surf the net! What does that mean for your freelance website? Well, you will want to see to it that your website is in fact compatible with different kinds of mobile devices.

As mobile devices have smaller screens, you want to include only the most important info. Also, give thought to the colour schemes and typography that you will be using to make sure that visitors will still be able to hang on to every word.

Share with those who care

Before you launch your new website, first ask your friends and family for their honest opinion. It is much better to have a close friend tell you that your website is terrible than what a potential client comments about it online for the world to see.

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