Weighing the Pros and Cons of Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are very popular for several reasons. Yet, it is by no means perfect and do not fit certain requirements that other printers excel in. Still, inkjet printers are the choice for so many people, businesses, and organizations that it pays to understand the pros and cons it offers.

Inkjet Printers Pros

The user benefits serve as the reasons why inkjet printers are so popular whilst being the most affordable printer technology and the design perfect for basic printing jobs.Image result for Weighing the Pros and Cons of Inkjet Printers

Good Quality: Thanks to advances in technology, a typical inkjet printer can produce text, graphs, and images that are good quality. When inkjets first came out, the printing was unacceptable as print images were blurred. But developing technology changed all the inconsistencies starting from the printer up to the ink supplies and even print speed. With the perfection, inkjet printers now deliver’s sharp images, clean prints at the push of a button.  

Low Upfront Cost: Of all the printers in the market, the inkjet variety has some of the lowest machine cost. This is not surprising though. Since the beginning, inkjet printers have always been affordable. And over time with production cost trimmed down, recent inkjet printers are now sold as low as $50. Thus, offices and even in homes the inkjet printer found practical application reinforcing its popularity.

Shorter Printing Time: Compared to laser printers, inkjets do not need to heat up before it can print. Users can print right away from start-up. There is absolutely no waiting time.

Compact Design: For those who have limited space, the inkjet printer may be the perfect solution. The printer takes up less room compared to the laser design. Thus, it can sit on the desk, in a closet, or small room.

Inkjet Printers Cons

Although well designed for most printing jobs, there are some distinct disadvantages to inkjet printers that need to be considered before making a purchase.

Overall Speed: Inkjet printers are slow compared to laser printers. While the latter can print at 100 ppm (pages per minute), 10 ppm for inkjets is already reasonable. So, single page printing is the domain of inkjet printers, while multiple pages or batch printing is for laser printers.

Cost of Cartridges: While the inkjet printer itself is cheap, the replacement cost for individual ink cartridges is expensive. And just slightly less than the upfront cost of the printer. So, one can deduce that it becomes cheaper to buy an inkjet printer every time the gadget runs out of ink. Simply because a new printer comes with a full ink cartridge. But there are some ways that one can try to lessen the impact of pricey ink replacements like buying ink cartridges online opting for third party consumables.

Drying Time: Ink being liquid and used in the printing process needs considerable drying time. Printed documents coming out of an inkjet printer must be left to dry in the tray before handling. The waiting time slows down the printing process though. Some offices prefer solvent based ink that dries instantly, over those that use water based inks that needs lengthier drying time.

By weighing all the advantages and disadvantages, users can make the best-informed decision if purchasing an inkjet printer is a good choice.

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