What is Event Blogging? | A Brief Explanation

In simple terms, an Event blog is a blog that is made to target a single day or week or even a month for receiving the huge amount of traffic. This has now become one of the most active and effective way of making money among many bloggers. Event-based blogs are the blogs that are mostly focusing on an upcoming activity, event or festival. If you are planning to venture into event blogging, then be sure that within a short span of time, you can make a lot of money.

In a single day, you can raise a lot of money and also attract a huge following but this is possible only if you are able to rank your event blog on Google.

Suppose today is Christmas day and you have a laptop and an internet connection. I guess you will be forced to get to google and check for:

  • The best quotes for Christmas
  • Best wishes for family and friends
  • Christmas day gifts for friends and family
  • Christmas day gifts for children
  • Best places to visit on Christmas day
  • Most involving things to do on Christmas day and many more.

The fact is that you are not alone in the world. Just be sure that there are millions of other people searching for the same content. They mostly go through Google and other search engines. In simple terms, in event we handle a certain topic that we know will be sensitive and most searched on Christmas day. By doing SEO on these topics, we actually rank high in the search engines.

If the website is in the front page of the search engine with good keywords, then you are actually likely to attract a huge following on this special day. You can monetize the blog and make thousands of dollars in a day.

Types of events to focus on

  • Live shows
  • Holidays
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • World days such as Mother’s day, World Women’s day etc.

When should you start an event blog?

After we have already defined what an event blog is and also gave a good example, you might be wondering when you should start an event blog. This is one of the most common questions that we deal with on each day. This depends on your expertise and experience in the field. If you are new in event blogging, then you should start as early as 60 days before the D-day.

If you have done it before, then you are better off, you can even start a month or 45 days prior to the D-Day. On the other hand, if you have an old domain, then you can start 15 days earlier. However, just note that the earlier you start the better chances you have for experimenting.

The main thing in this venture is knowing how to choose an event. From the above listed events, you can choose any according to your wish and preferences. However, some of the most profitable events include: Friendship day, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, Teachers or Doctors Day, Veterans Day, Halloween and many more. Make an informed decision before you start.

Final Words!

I hope now you have at least got the know how of event blogging. No one can teach you if you don’t teach yourself.

Keep trying and learning and one day you’ll get success.

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