What you need to know: Responsive vs Mobile-friendly vs Mobile First


Whether you are thinking about having a website that can establish your brand and business digitally, or consider to give your old website a new look, you should devote much time to understand the significance of mobile first design.

Believe it or not, the web is going mobile and if you haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon of having a mobile version of your site, there is a huge stream of visitors and customers that you are turning away.

You may be familiar with the terms, like “mobile-friendly” and “responsive design” and chances are that like many other people, they are all the same to you. Contrary to what you think, a responsive website is different from the mobile-friendly website. Here is how:

Mobile Friendly Design

Google’s search rankings now accentuate and reward mobile-friendly websites. There is a crowd of people who think that getting a mobile-friendly website is sufficient, and it is when it comes to Google’s robots! However, what about your website visitors? To put it short, mobile-friendly websites involves a bare minimum mobile design strategy that eliminates many functions on the desktop website that does not compliment the mobile layout. When using this approach, you may need to sacrifice some of the functionality your desktop website provides, which mostly includes the functions that are not used too frequently on mobile phones. Websites that do not consider their mobile users experience a high bounce rate and lower engagement rates.

Responsive Web Design

Responsively designed websites “respond” to the screen resolution of the device being used to visit the website. These web designs not just covers the concept of a mobile friendly layout, but is a more comprehensive term of defining the designing of websites for various screen resolutions and orientations. When your site is set to have responsive design features, the objective is to provide an ideal viewing experience for all visitors, no matter what sort of device they are using.

Responsive design provides flexibility and utmost usability on all devices, constituting a great user experience. It guarantees that your website will appear to be good and have optimized usability across all devices.

Mobile first design methodology

It is a design strategy that involves the mobile version of a website crafted first over the customary desktop version. It can also refer products designed for and advertised to mobile users first, before “traditional” internet users.

Many design issues arise from trying to cram too many features into one page. When you have hired a firm to create professional web design UAE complying with mobile-first strategy, you should try to have a simpler, cleaner design structure. Starting with minimalism is easy as you can conveniently add relevant features into your site’s desktop version as required, instead of trying stuffing every functionality and feature into a mobile view.

Which design strategy to follow?

Consider your visitors and the type of experience you want to provide them on your website? Optimize your website according to what they want from you. With the limitless possibilities powered by the Internet, being innovative is evident.

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