What’s Your Digital Reputation?

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Have you conducted an in-depth search of you or your company’s digital reputation? In the world of business, reputation is everything. It was no lie when Warren Buffet stated that it can take 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. Your reputation should be your most prized possession—something that should be sheltered from any armed attacks if anything should go south. You never know with the internet what scandalous posts may be published about you, fake or not. Take the smart route by ensuring that you are continuously monitoring your digital reputation with the best line of self-defence you can afford: online reputation management (ORM).

According to the Harvard Business Review, you should protect yourself against reputational risk. Don’t simply act when you see a threat; safeguard your reputation in a way that won’t allow for any bad blood from ruining what you spent a lifetime to build up. You must first ensure that your stakeholders’ perception of your reputation matches with the truth of what your company stands for. You can go on about your brand purpose of being an environmentalist, but when that oil spillage occurs and makes a headline news coverage then you can kiss your reputation goodbye. Don’t try to fool anyone. There is such a thing of being honest in business. You have two choices: Either improve your reputation to meet the high expectations your customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees have of you, or lower their expectations. A company’s reputation is derived by its stakeholders in a multitude of categories, which includes financial performance, customer service, product quality and employee relations. If you have a strong positively perceived reputation across all stakeholders and categories, then you will be dignified as having a strong reputation. However, the moment you do something to break it can be the time of no return.

Secure your digital reputation by tasking an internet reputation service company to monitor and suppress any bad search results that come up for any indicated keywords. This way, they will be able to bridge the gap between reputation and reality by analyzing your strong and weak points and pumping up your online reputation in a way that is trustworthy and honest.

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