Which drawing tablet to buy: recommendations to choose yours

The possibilities of the digital and the personal of the hand drawing are the same with digitizing tablets, devices that allow us to transfer what we draw with the pen to the screen. Do you want to buy a drawing tablet at affordable prices and don’t know where to start? Visit this website and buy the ideal drawing tablet online. Now let’s see some of the aspects which you need to consider.

Digitizer tablet vs. interactive monitor

Digital tablets and interactive monitors are two very similar devices both in their purpose and in their use scenario. Thus, with both we can digitize the content that we are sketching with the digital pencil. In both cases, we are facing two types of devices that have their main application scenario in the creative sector. What is the difference between the two? The work surface: in interactive monitors we see on it what we are drawing by integrating a screen, which makes them more specific and more expensive devices. For precision and naturalness, there are many who opt for digitizing tablets for illustration, 3D animation, photo retouching, drawings, etc.


Digitizer tablets are usually found in three sizes. When they offer a work area the size of an A4 sheet, it represents an L tablet. If we fold a sheet of paper in half we have the available area of ​​an M digitizer tablet. The S tablets correspond to a folio A6, the result of folding a Din A4 twice. Some use these models as an alternative to the mouse. What size to choose? It will depend on several aspects. In case you work with a laptop, you can manage with smaller formats. Keep in mind that a larger size is not only more comfortable, but also offers the possibility of working with a higher level of detail.

Motion resolution

Similar to the screens on our TVs, smart phones and computers, resolution refers to the level of detail that is possible to achieve with the surface of the tablet. In the case of digitizing tablets, it is the number of lines that can be drawn per inch. A good approximation to the lines per pixel as a function of size is 2,540 LPI for the smaller models and more than 5,000 LPI for the large tablets.

Input lag

Although it is a characteristic that does not usually appear in the specifications of the tablets, it is interesting to know how significant is the delay that occurs between the moment in which we make a trace and it is displayed on the screen.

The star: Touch pen

The touch pen is the other star element of the digitizing tablet, the one responsible for us to trace our drawings on the “canvas”. Be careful because there are big differences between some models and others. The pressure levels allow you to make thinner or stronger lines depending on how hard you press the pencil, something that cannot be done with a mouse. Thanks to the sensitivity to rotation, we gain that typical stroke that occurs when turning a marker pen, a characteristic present in medium or high-end tablets.

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