Which iPhone model is the most difficult to repair

When iPhone came to the market, it brought about a lot of competition that brands like Samsung, Nokia could not even get close. The different designs, as well as specifications they brought with it, attracted plenty of consumers, making them want to improve their handsets year after year.

As we move forward in this era of smartphones, we can see plenty of changes like durability and material usage as well. Handset manufacturers have started developing their gadgets so as to be difficult to open and even if you think of doing so, you will need to have some special tools so as not to damage it. iPhone is no different and below are some of the smartphones that are most difficult to repair;

  1. iPhone (1st generation) – this handset is one of the oldest and most strenuous iPhone to repair. It uses standard screws plus hidden clips which makes it hard to open and trying to open may damage it. As we found at PhoneReco its battery too is difficult to replace.
  1. iPhone 4 – it came out in 2010 and is repairable but to a certain degree. Its screws can be opened easily but replacing the camera is very difficult.
  1. iPhone 5s – it came out in the year 2013. Its battery is well attached making it hard to remove. It also will require a special driver to open it up.
  1. iPhone 8 – since it normally has a glass back panel, it makes it difficult to replace it once broken.
  1. iPhone 6plus and 6 – unfortunately, Apple does not share its repair manuals with other consumers or shops thus making it hard to replace or even open the components.

With a company that’s very secretive as Apple as compared to other companies, it will be difficult to know what they have in store for us; whether they will make the next iPhone repairable or make it even more difficult to do so.

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