Which is the Best Site to Buy R4i Gold 3ds Plus in USA, 3ds-Flashcard.com?

Are you a top gamer? Are your interests mainly focused on the Nintendo game? You should by now know that for the new Nintendo New 3DS (LL, XL) you will need the R4i gold plus card. Do not be confused; the R4i Gold 3DS RTS card is of the same functionality as the R4i gold 3DS plus which only difference comes at the NTR boot loader switch. The R4i gold 3DS possesses the NTRboot, but that is the content of another article. However, we are going to discuss the best site to purchase this excellent gaming card for the Nintendo gamers for those who reside in the USA.

Best Site to Buy R4i Gold Plus for people in the USA

The sites for purchasing this new excellent R4i Gold 3DS Plus for NDS games can be really a demanding task especially in the USA where it is not easy to buy flashcards without being scammed. Many sites do not accept the global payment means, PayPal, or scam by adding a PayPal clone checkout page. If they take credit cards, they might ask you to enter your credit card details on their site thereby stealing your info.

However, there are also sites valuable in the sense that you can purchase this awesome R4i gold 3dS plus for NDS games. A good example is 3DS.flashcard.com. In this site, PayPal and credit are the primary payment means. You can purchase this excellent flashcard with PayPal as it is the fastest, reliable and a trusted method too. This site eventually ships out the goods quickly, and you get your order in relatively due time, well packaged and without default. People residing in the USA can commonly make use of it actually its one of the best-used site for Nintendo game lovers. Here is the R4i Gold 3DS Plus.


We recommend the above site as their service is top notch and with less hassle and it is in our opinion the best site to purchase the R4i Gold 3DS Plus for USA residents.

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