Why do teenagers buy Instagram followers?

Do you have a son, daughter, niece or nephew that is a teenager? I do! It’s fascinating how we can learn all the new trends in music, fashion, gadgets and more through them. It’s also amazing how old they can make us feel sometime!.

One thing most teenagers have in common these days is that they spend a lot of time on social media, taking photos and sharing their lives with their friends. It seems like Instagram is way more popular around them than Facebook too.

Did you know that many teenagers buy Instagram followers in the UK?

According to statistics from Google Keyword planner and Google trends, thousands of people every single month buy Instagram followers on websites such as Buy More Fans. I may seem like ajoke, but apparently some of these websites generate 6 figure yearly income from selling Instagram followers!

So why are teenager so obsessed by Instagram? And why are they buying Instagram followers?

Is it to look more popular or cool at their school?

Or maybe to become the next social media sensation and make a lot of money?

This article explains some of the reasons why teenagers buy Instagram followers in the US and in the UK.

Let’s get started!

Buying Instagram followers make you look more popular

It’s not a secret that everyone likes to be popular when they are in high school, and for good reasons.

Popularity gains you respect, friends, opportunities and not to forget that girls like popular guys, as girls like guys with ‘social proof’.

So how is this related to Instagram?

Well, buying Instagram followers gets you just that: social proof. It makes you look more popular right away. No one will consider you as popular or professional if your Instagram account only has 12 followers, whether you are a 40 year old businessman or a 14 year old high school student.

Not to mention, that publicly having an Instagram account without followers could even lead to bullying in your school or online, and no one wants that to happen to them!

According to Instagram statistics, way more people will become your followers if you already have a few thousands followers, as people will take you more seriously. Imagine if you have a business offering airport parking in Melbourne like the ones listed on this page: https://ozfinder.com.au/5-best-airport-parking-melbourne.

You would get a nice website designed for you, and also open an Instagram account since many people would be looking for an airport parking using hashtags on Instagram. So you set up your Instagram account, put some nice photos of your airport parking on there, even offer some exclusive discounts for your social media followers. Now what?

You still have only 7 followers and it makes your business look worse than if you would not have an Instagram account at all!

So is there a solution that can help you look more popular fast?

Yes there is, you can buy Instagram followers. I explain how in the next paragraph.

Buying Instagram followers is easy

Yes, buying Instagram followers in the UK or in the United states is easy and very quick, and it’s cheap and affordable too!

Here is how it works:

You can just go on Google and look more websites that sell Instagram followers. You will find quite a lot of them. A good way to filter the bad ones is the start to make a shortlist of the ones that have a more modern website design. These companies show you that they care more if they invest in modern website design, and they are more likely to have a better service and better customer support too!

Once you find the ones that you like. You can compare prices.

Basically there are 2 types of choices for 2 types of Instagram followers:

Option 1: Worldwide followers.

They are usually cheaper. If you choose this option, it should only cost you about $20-$40 for a few thousands of followers, and they will be coming from random countries, often from India, Russia, Turkey etc.

Option 2: Country-targeted followers.

These are usually about 3-4 times more expensive. So if you want to buy them, it’ll cost you around $90-$100 for 1000 followers. They will come from the UK or from the United States. The advantage of this is that your followers will look more ‘real’. So if someone investigates who follows your Instagram account they won’t know that you bought followers. This is good because many customers would get offended to see that you bought followers, as some people see it as unethical or see it as ‘cheating’.

You can then pay with your credit card or with Paypal, and the Instagram followers that you just bought will start to appear in 1-3 days depending on the website selling them.


In conclusion, whether you buy the followers from worldwide countries or targeted to your country only, they will have the same effect: They will make you look more popular. Whether you are a high school student or a business.


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