Why Recent Cyber Attack In Ukraine Is A Warning Sign For Online Businesses

One of the worst things about the Internet is you are always exposed to unwanted cyber attacks and ransom demands. The way these attacks have increased in the last ten years or so, online businesses should start working on their web security layers and strengthen them as much as possible. The recent cyber attack in Ukraine is a warning sign for all the online businesses. It is a clear indication that no business in this world is as safe it thinks.

Before you take necessary actions in this regard, first check what happened in Ukraine’s Cherkasy region.

Cyber Attack On Hundreds of Computers

In a recent investigation in the Cherkasy region of Ukraine, it was found that cyber attackers wiped a significant number of computers in more than 60 countries. The attack is claimed to have happened in the month of June. Ever since the incident, £8000 worth of bitcoins have been moved from one account to another. Notably, it was the same account that was used to receive ransoms in the past.

Along with this update, cyber police have also found a note claiming that hackers who carried out this attack are ready to take it down for a sum of £200,000. Even though it looks a simple ransom demand that hackers keep making from time to time, experts think otherwise. They believe this demand is just to divert their attention. Their actual goal is to make businesses and individuals on the mass level suffer. Attackers want to cause widespread damage that affects badly to the government as well as businesses.

Road Ahead

So far, the police have found a number of trails bringing them closer to the mastermind behind this attack. However, they have yet to find the culprits. The representative of local police has said that the attackers will be put behind bars for a minimum duration of three years, which can further be extended depending upon their past records.

It’s just one of the many cyber attacks that have taken place recently. If you want to make sure that your business does not fall prey to such attacks, then make sure you strengthen your online security measures without any further delay.

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