Why to Consider a Multifunction Printer for Your Office

Is your business in the market for a new printer? Here are three things you need to consider.

Why to Consider a Multifunction Printer for Your Office

Office printers are prominent features in working environments across many sectors, and used by all hierarchies of a business.

So, when it comes to buying a new printer for your company, you’ll need to be sure you’ve got a list of all the features you’ll need, as this will make the buying process easier.

Firstly, it’s very important to know exactly what you’re buying it for. Does it fit into your budget? Does it fit in with your company’s green initiatives? How often will it be used?

Here are just some of things you need to consider when you’re purchasing new office printers:

Running Costs

As a business owner, managing your finances is always a priority, so the running costs of the equipment you’re using in-house will be a big concern to you.

The running costs of all printers are different, depending on the price of the manufacturer’s consumables, as well the capabilities of the printer, such as whether it has a colour printing functionality or has the ability to print in A2 or A3.

Laser printers are renowned for being cost-effective and are exactly what you need if most of your office print-outs are traditional working documents that simply require black and white ink.

For those of you who require coloured ink, there are multifunctionprinters available which will suit your needs, such as the Workforce Pro WF-4720DWF, an Epson Printer that has low printing costs per page.

A multifunction printer would be a wonderful addition to your office, especially if you’re looking to cut costs. They have extremely low running costs, a huge capacity for consumables and they include a printer, scanner, copier and fax machine all in one.


Is the printer in your office high in-demand? Or are you in the market to potentially downgrade due to it’s lack of use?

There’s no point whatsoever in investing in an expensive model with high running costs if your office printer is used sparingly.

However, in contrast, it’s also not wise to choose a model purely because it’s the cheapest due to your lack of use for it. Cheap models are likely to produce lower quality print outs and may require more expensive consumables and have higher running costs.

Once again, an all in one printer is ideal for business, as you won’t need to dip into your pockets once again to fork out on additional scanner, copier and faxing equipment.

Furthermore, a multifunction printer has a huge capacity for paper, requiring less paper insertions than other printer models.

Are they Environmentally-Friendly?

Is your business involved in any green initiatives?

Well if you are, one of your main considerations when purchasing a new printer should be whether it’s environmentally-friendly or not.

Consider purchasing a printer that has a double-sided printing functionality as it reduces the amount paper being used.

There are also vegetable-based inks and toners on today’s market, once again helping businesses ‘print green’ as they are biodegradable, and do not interfere with recycling processes.

Lexmark are a fine example of a manufacturer who cares about environmentally-friendly printing. Many of their models have economical printing and energy-saving modes, as well as their own Cartridge Collection Programmed which allows users of their consumables to return empty cartridges, so they can be recycled.

So, when it comes to purchasing your new office printer, take these factors into account. Whatever you do, our advice would be to by a printer from a reliable manufacturer to avoid some of the most common printer troubles and reap benefits from the best printing solutions.

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