Wikigains Shows How To Coupon Rules Can Be Flexible

When it comes to using coupons, each merchant has its own set of rules. Alex Papaconstantinou, the owner of popular UK coupon site wikigains says that there might be room to be flexible with the rules. The exclusions, quantity limits, and expiration dates may at times be stretched or busted to increase your savings. Read on to know more:

Almost every coupon comes with an expiration date that is clearly printed on it. If that date passes, a consumer usually misses the discount and ends up paying full price for the product. However, there’s a catch here. It turns out that sometimes the coupons are still valid after the expiry date has passed.

Expired Coupons Might Still Work

If you visit any coupon site like, you will find the recently expired coupons at the bottom of the merchant page. They are often greyed indicating that the coupons have expired. However, chances are that some of these coupons might still work and offer you a good discount.

There are some stores like Lowe’s, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond that accept coupons that have expired. They might not work always but it’s still worth trying. So, if you find an expired coupons don’t ignore it as useless. Just give it a try and it might just work for you.

Product Exclusions May Be Adjusted

We have all been there when an in-store or online coupon is rejected because the items in the cart are excluded from discount. Wikigains tells us that there might be exemptions when the product exclusions may be worked around.

If you visit a coupon site that says 25% Off orders and has several brands listed under the exclusions. Despite the long list of exclusions, you may still use the coupon to see if it works. Even if the brand asks the coupon to exclude it from the discount policy, some companies have still let its users enjoy a discount on their purchase.

Wikigains Says Quantity Limits May Be Flexible

Some coupons come with a ‘limit one coupon per transaction’ offer that can help you limit the savings on your coupon. If you just have one coupon, this should not be a problem. However, when there are two manufacturer coupons, you may ask the in-store cashier to breakup your purchase into two transactions.

If you are shopping online, you may ask someone from the family to use the coupon in your behalf to avail the discount. You can also work around this with coupon stacking. This happens when you use a store issued coupon with the manufacturer’s coupon to get a higher saving.


Wikigains says that stores, whether online or offline, need your business desperately. Hence, they are prepared to go to any extent to make the coupon policies flexible to make customers happy. However, let’s not forget that these exclusions are not mentioned anywhere in the coupon sites. You need to use the expired coupons and check for product exclusions that may still use a discount.

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