7 Steps for creating incident response plan for data breaches

Any organization must have a comprehensive response plan for breaches so that they are able to identify the areas that need strengthening and then can take the necessary measures. Some of the vital steps that must be followed in cases of data breach are listed as follows.

Alerting your team: One of the first things that you must do in case of a breach is inform the team regarding the specific details of the breach following which the necessary action can be taken.

Identify the problem: The next step involves identifying the exact loop-hole that caused the data to be breached. For this you might need to review data, system logs, user activity and anti-malware programs.

Minimizing the damage: Once the exact problem area has been identified you would need to take necessary steps to contain and minimize the potential damage. The network access for the computers that have been affected needs to be disabled and the installation of security patches might be necessary.

Recovering the systems: In order to restore the services, you need to perform complete validation of the network and do the necessary testing so that you can determine whether the systems are still working or not. Once you have done that you must reinstate the security measures that are based on the protocol on those systems. You must also check out the backups to ensure that they are safe and secure.

In addition to these steps you must also analyze the fallout, comply with the necessary protocols as well as guidelines by notifying the relevant departments and their heads regarding the attack. It is also important that you must learn from this experience and ensure that stronger and more robust structure is put in place in order to avoid any such incidents in the future.

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Some of the these data breaches, as compiled by David Bisson, have caused great financial damage as well as other significant dents in the daily functioning of these companies.These were some of the highest profile breaches that highlighted the need for implementation of strong security apparatus.

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