Choosing the Essential Options for the WP Forms According to the Requirement

This test is based on the most popular WordPress themes on the Theme Forest platform. We are therefore talking only about the premium themes that are presented. You can go there and filter according to the type of themes you want.

The promises

“You will not need to buy another theme”. Promise to the American but as always we are not so categorical. The major advantage of X is clearly related to the integration of the customization of the theme in the WordPress tool. As a result, you can see live changes made. This is a rare advantage to say that will save you a lot of time. Like most premium themes, X offers a homemade page builder in the person of Cornerstone. Small detail is a front-end page builder which means that you can make the changes directly on your page. Very practical and what time saving.


The wordpress theme X behaves a bit special. Indeed, the theme includes what they call “stack”. These are actually themes in the theme allowing for a more specific design. You will have, once X installed, the possibility of setting the “stack” that suits you most. Each having its specificities. They are generally quite simplistic and do not reinvent the wheel. But let’s be honest, for most websites, it’s more than enough. You can find the stacks at this address.


Like all current premium Worpdress themes, X offers a multitude of plugins integrate into “free version”. Be careful, however, without the supports. That the team of X proposes to do partially through their own support. It’s pretty rare but why not. Here are some examples of the proposed plugins. Be aware that some of them have the same features.

The resources

Resources are clearly one of the strong points of the theme. But only if you speak English. Because, little problem. Theme X is not translated into French. You can find complete resources in two forms, the knowledge base and a very detailed forum. With the WP Forms coupon code you can find the best deals.


Overall, the theme is not dreaming and does not offer a blatant competitive advantage. It does the work and builds its strength on the customization and the page builder. Be careful however, the theme is not flexible and will require knowledge in CSS for real customization. Another major obstacle, the lack of translation in the entire universe of ThemeCo. You can find translations made by WPTrads, but it requires a supplementary budget. To meditate.

The promises

“The most beautiful theme of all time”. Yes, the developers seem quite proud of their work. This is not the most beautiful WordPress theme. The classic presentation demonstration is even rather outdated overall. 


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