Is There a CRM for eBay? Yes, Here’s What to Do with It

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Once the main hub for online auctions, eBay is now a popular option for online retailers to reach customers. There is a full app store of productivity solutions that sellers can use to optimize their stores for an improved bottom line, but very few of them offer a way for sellers to get to know their customers. That’s where a CRM comes in, but you may wonder, is there a CRM for eBay? The answer: Yes.

With an eBay CRM, you can connect all your sales channels to consolidate your data into one easy dashboard that shows you your store’s performance and customers’ habits. Seasonality, trends and more are right at your fingertips on the user-friendly interface.

eBay CRM is built specifically for ecommerce sellers, so the data it gathers will help you to make smarter business moves for a fully optimized and profitable store. These are some ideas for what to do with an eBay CRM.

Watch Orders Become Contacts

When you connect your eBay store (and other sales channels) to the CRM, it will aggregate all of your data and create detailed customer contacts from their order histories. No longer will you see your orders as just numbers, but you can put names and faces to the people shopping on your site. Each customer profile comprises contact information, past and current orders and all the shipping and tracking information associated with them. It’s all done automatically. You can then add tags to each profile for easy categorization, targeted marketing campaigns or simply to reward loyal customers and avoid alerting serial returners to flash sales.

Stay Organized with Tasks, Notes and Calendar

How many apps and sites do you use now to keep track of your day, from a To Do list to your calendar and notepad? You can easily streamline the organization process within an eBay CRM that has all the features you need to stay organized. Tasks let you create, delegate and manage all the necessary operations so you and your team will never miss another detail. It also integrates with the color-coded calendar that’s modeled after iCal and Google Calendar, and you can add notes on any task or event. Close those organization tabs you leave open all day and see increased productivity when using an eBay CRM.  

Encourage Collaboration  

With increased visibility of your store’s daily itinerary, your team will realize increased communication and collaboration. All users who have access to an eBay CRM will be on the same page with the tasks that need to be completed, when they’re due, who is responsible for them and what other events are on the calendar. The organization tools do not only apply to management but truly foster teamwork among all users of the CRM. You can then encourage collaboration because it has become so easy.

Make the Most of the CRM

There are even more opportunities to optimize an eBay CRM for your site with an ever-expanding app store. For email marketing, you can connect your preferred channel(s) and use them in tandem with the contact list conveniently created by the CRM. Other plugins focus on low-cost shipping and hassle-free automated returns. Your eBay store could function like Amazon Prime in no time. All it takes is the integration of an ecommerce CRM

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