Top 11 WordPress Performance Enhancing Hack Plug-ins

Due to the number of people who are now creating their own website, they would tend to look for the best plug-ins that would help you in improving the performance of your WordPress website like the best nursing school in Legazpi City such as Here are some of the plug-ins you can opt to use and consider:

  1. WP Optimize. This is an extensive WordPress database optimization and cleanup tool, which doesn’t need PhpMyAdmin to optimize or clean a database table. This removes Un-approved or spam comments, clears up any trash comments and posts, remove options that are transient, remove all Pingbacks and Trackbacks, keep x-weeks data all through the cleanup and can automatically run.
  2. Optimize DB. It runs an optimize table command on WordPress tablets and efficiently defragmenting it. This plug-in is very beneficial for frequently updated tables.
  3. BJ Lazy Load. This allows your site to save bandwidth and load faster. This can replace all your post thumbnails, post images, content iframes, and gravatar images with a placeholder. When a visitor scrolls the page, content will be loaded as it gets closer to enter the window of the browser. Aside from that, this also works with your text widgets.
  4. W3 Total Cache. The only WPO (WordPress Performance Optimization) framework which is specifically designed for page speed and user interface improvement. Easy WPO using caching: page, browser, database, object, content delivery and minify content support. User experience is improved through increasing the performance of the site’s server, delivering transparent CDN (content delivery network) integration, and reducing download times.
  5. Plugin Organize. This allows you to change the plugins order, disable chosen plugins by any wordp or post types and adds groupings to the admin age of Plugin.
  6. Better WordPress Minify. Allows you to minify and combine your JS and CSS files to improve loading time of the page. This depends on enqueueing system of WordPress rather than output buffer and uses PHPlibrary Minify. BWP is very easy to use and very customizable.
  7. Zen Cache. It is an advanced caching plugin for reputable web development company Philippines like This is the solution for visitors demand for a snappy response. This adds perfect blend of reliability, simplicity, and speed. Has three version: The lite version, Pro Version (single-lite license), Pro Version (unlimited-Site Version).

  1. WordPress GZIP Compression. This enables gzip-compression if the browser of the visitor can handle it. WordPress Website will also be speed up drastically while reducing bandwidth usage. It make use of PHP ob_gzhandler() callback
  2. CloudFlare. This makes sure WordPress blog is optimally running on the CloudFlare Platform. By using this plugin, you will receive better protection and accurate IP Address info for posted comments on your site. This also ensures continues view of the originating IP.
  3. Quick Cache. This is for speeding up your site, and takes immediate snapshots of every post, link, category, page and many more. This also makes use of well-documented and simple configuration options and advanced techniques. Login pages, administrative pages, CLI processes, are also excluded.
  4. WP Super Cache. Is a very fast WordPress caching engine, which produces static HTML files from dynamic blog of WordPress. This works on cached files in three ways: Mod_Rewrite, PHP, and Legacy Caching.

These are all great functioning WordPress plugins but must be used with caution as they can completely break your website if incorrectly used. Further reading will be needed, but sometimes a complete back-up for your site is required before installing plugins for it can change files resulting to all kinds of issues. To understand it better, talk and outsource an SEO specialist Philippines like

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